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Features to Implement

  • Read and write registers(Including Debug Registers, Control Registers, MSRs, Segment Descriptor Cache Registers, PCI Registers)
  • Read and write memory.
  • Read from and write to I/O port.
  • Set Execution Breakpoints and Debug Register Breakpoints
  • Able to use public advanced debug capabilities such as Debug Store, Performance Register Break, BTF (Branch Trap Flag) etc.
  • (Intel-only) Set Special Breakpoints on special CPU transitions such as C6, CC1, CC3, CC6, SMM and VMX transitions
  • (Intel Pentium M-only) Set Bus Breakpoints that break on certain values that appear on the FSB
  • (Intel-only) Trace special events that occur in the CPU (such as MSR read/write, MWAIT)
  • (Intel-only) Access the Internal Control Register Bus of the CPU
  • (AMD-only) Access HyperTransport Trace Memory, which records the last few HyperTransport transactions
  • (AMD-only) Access Microcode ROM, L1, L2 caches
  • (AMD-only) Data Breakpoints that break data values with a configured data pattern and mask.
  • (Itanium-only) Access L1 and L2 caches
  • Access PCI configuration register problems even when the CPU and chipset are not configured properly