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Motherboards with debug connectors

Otherwise known as the "Great Connector Hunt". :-)

Please contact us with the model and type if you have seen any of the debug connectors (pictured below).

Debug connectors can be often found on showroom, embedded, server, "developer kit", and industrial motherboards.

Due to bill of materials and cost reduction, these ports are not included on standard motherboards.  Traces of them are sometimes left open (two rows of tiny 60 or 26 pins).

If they are terminated properly on the board, prep the surface and solder a connector on to to it. Connectors can be ordered from standard part suppliers.

Intel started using topside connectors starting with nehalem series [Ref available]. 

Have you seen me?

Intel XDP

Intel XDP (Single Side Attach)

usually a white 30 pin connector near the processor.


26 pin - two rows of 13. one key pin. very small spacing. [image here]

TODO: Include some images of terminated/unterminated and unpopulated.

Amd required hdt headers for manufacturer support. [ref-needed]

Manufacturer Notes


Many higher end asus boards have xdp traces on the bottom of the board. They are likely here because of little space, larger processor keep-outs, top side probes, and easier rework after manufacture.


Industrial motherboards have SSA.. it appears most desktops dont.


Seems to have a selection of boards with ports available. Pricey.
IEI IMBA-C2060 tested. CPU XDP is working. PCH XDP is not working. You must email IEI for them to send you a board with an XDP port.


Developer kits have them - rip off
Server boards - sometimes.. multis often have headers
Desktop - often not.. traces should usually be there [needs confirmation]



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TypeManf.ModelNotesRelease Date
TypeManf.ModelNotesRelease Date
XDP Acer Aspire M5810 desktop pc  
XDP-flex? ACER Aspire One Jp12 or jp16, etc. 24 pin ACES connector (actually 26, 2 grounds). might be disabled by termination.  
xdp ssa? asus k52jr laptop  
HDT Asus A8N32-SLI (Deluxe and Premium)   
HDT Asus A8N-E   
HDT Asus A8N-SLI (Deluxe and Premium )   
XDP Header Asus P7P55-WS-SuperComputer Looks possibly terminated (needs confirmation)  
XDP DFI DFI LanParty NF4 (NF4-D, Ultra-D, SLI-D, SLI-DR)   
XDP GIGABYTE GA-X79A-UD3 Sandy Bridge  
XDP-SSA IEI KINO-9452 ntel® CoreTM2 Duo, CoreTM Duo/ Solo Processor, Intel® 945GME  
XDP Intel DP55KG Kingsberg Core i5  
XDP Intel Dq57tm some versions are seen to have the header gone  
XDP Intel S3210SHLC - Rev. C   
XDP Intel  Server Board S3420GPLX Header missing  
XDP Header Supermico X8DTN+ 1.0 empty header. seems connected and terminated from the shots  
Showing 15 items