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Nothing particular to note other than terminations, voltages, etc.
另外, AMD X86 处理器也提供JTAG,调试接口叫HDT 或者MHDT, 相应的支持HDT/MHDT 接口的AMD CPU 仿真器也被习惯称为HDT, Hardware Debug Tool. In addition, AMD X86 processors also provide JTAG, debug interface called HDT or MHDT, appropriate support HDT / MHDT interface AMD CPU emulator is also used as HDT, Hardware Debug Tool.
AMD 从NS 收购的Geode 系列x86 CPU (Geode GX/LX), 也提供JTAG 并且接口名字就叫JTAG. AMD acquired from NS Geode series x86 CPU (Geode GX / LX), and also provides JTAG Interface is called JTAG.